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Africaboyz Online - Affordable Car Battery Prices South Africa

At AfricaBoyz Online, our extensive product catalogue together with our affordable car battery prices in South Africa, makes us a viable option when you are looking to purchase a new car battery. When choosing a battery, it is important to choose one that is recommended by the manufacturer of your vehicle. It is recommended that you either replace your car battery with the original brand or with a reputable brand. There are a large number of automotive battery brands on the South African market today, with some of the best being Exide, Willard, Raylite, Bosch, Energizer, AtlasBX, Duracell and Sabat (Willard’s sister brand) to name a few of the more popular brands. 

Cheapest Car Battery Prices In South Africa

We, at AfricaBoyz Online, do not necessarily have the cheapest car battery prices, as we are vigilant about the quality of the products we sell and cheap doesn’t necessarily mean good. You will find however, that we offer really great car battery prices for the best quality batteries in South Africa.

At AfricaBoyz Online we stock car batteries for all makes and models of cars and if we do not have your required battery on hand, we will source it for you. So if you are looking for a car battery or a car battery charger price, we have got you covered. We really endeavour to take the hassle out of all car parts and accessories shopping!

We are committed to providing our customers with the best service at very competitive prices on all our products. Our online shop is user friendly and it is really easy to find the right car battery you need. We suggest that before buying the battery, check your car’s VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)  Number which is a 17 digit code unique to your vehicle and can be found on your license disk.  By using the VIN number of your car you will be able to match all the recommended specifications exactly and be 100% confident that the battery will fit.

Car Battery Prices In Cape Town & Durban

If in doubt, we invite you to call one of our salesmen who will be able to guide you as to which battery will fit your car best.  So if you are in need of a replacement car battery and you are searching for car battery prices in Cape town, Durban or any other place in South Africa, have a look at our   car battery price on our website -

We also offer an additional service whereby once you have placed your order and paid on our secure platform, we will courier the battery directly to your door. What could be simpler?